YCQ Sefer Torah Campaign
In honor of Adeena Paknoush ע"ה

About Adeena

Adeena Paknoush grew up in Great Neck with her parents and three siblings. She came to YCQ in third grade and excelled in her Torah and general studies. Classmates remember her as a smiley and bubbly girl whose mere presence exuded life to its fullest. Adeena blended her joyful disposition with refinement and social grace.

Meeting Adeena, one was immediately struck by her incredible simchat hachaim, as well as emunah and bitachon in Hashem, even in the face of illness. She had tremendous hakarat hatov for even the smallest kindness show to her. At just sixteen years of age, she was taken from us. Yet, she achieved a lifetime of goodness and chesed in those few years, thereby serving as a role model of Kiddush Hashem.

Chazal tells us that a Jew’s name is a reflection of one’s persona. Adeena’s very essence was contained within her name. She exemplified the middot of Ayin Tova, a positive disposition; Dvaykut B’Hashem, cleaving to Hashem’s ways; Yirat Shamayim, accepting Hashem’s decree; Nedivat Lev, genuine kindheartedness, and Hitlahavut, enthusiastically influencing others with her wonderful attributes. It is the fervent wish of Adeena’s family and friends to keep her presence alive with a Sefer Torah, the crown jewel of our sacred tradition.

In writing a new Sefer Torah, we are creating a tangible entity of kedusha which personifies the life she sought to live and the impressions she left upon our school. Adeena’s pure essence inspired many others to grow in their Torah observance, and in tribute to her legacy we have committed ourselves to ensuring that all members of the YCQ family can participate in this mitzvah. We are comforted by the knowledge that the Sefer Torah will be with us in our yeshiva and will be read with regularity by our students, thereby perpetuating the life of such a precious neshama.

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Remembering Adeena

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